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Nadia R. Bhatti, Barrister & Solicitor: Practicing Family Law in Windsor-Essex County

Nadia R. Bhatti

Called to the Ontario Bar in 2003

Nadia R. Bhatti, Barrister & Solicitor, represents clients in all matters pertaining to family law in Windsor-Essex County and surrounding areas. Bhatti graduated from the University of Windsor and has an Honours Degree in Psychology. She also graduated from the University of Windsor School of Law in 2002 and was called to the Ontario Bar Association in 2003.

Why Family Law in Windsor-Essex County?

Nadia’s father always wanted to be a lawyer when he came to Canada, but he went into business instead to support his family. As a young woman, Nadia decided to pursue her father’s dream of becoming a lawyer. Always interested in child psychology, family law turned out to be a perfect fit for Nadia. Nadia also does Legal Aid work to represent children during difficult times in their young lives.

About Nadia Bhatti, Barrister & Solicitor

Nadia R. Bhatti, Barrister & Solicitor, is married to a lawyer who also practices family law. However, the couple decided to have separate law practices for now, so Nadia can enjoy her independence. In her spare time, Nadia enjoys spending time with her husband and their son, Izaak, who is 5 years old. She also has a passion for music, and years ago, she hosted a radio show with her brother.

Schedule an Appointment for a Consultation

In addition to Nadia, our staff also consists of Legal Assistant Angela Tait, who works very hard alongside Nadia to represent our clients. Should you wish to schedule an appointment at our office in Windsor, please contact us today via phone or email.

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